KCW – Project #1!


I recently dusted off my sewing machine and decided to start sewing some clothes for my daughter.  I poked around online in search of inspiration, and found it when I kept coming across something called Kids Clothes Week… so, here I am!  It seems like the perfect way to get myself sewing again.  My main challenge is that I live in a small town in the mountains.  We do have a fabric store in town, but it is uninspiring to say the least.  The fabric selection is a bit, um, *vintage*, but not in a good way.  More in a 1980’s pastel floral quilting fabric sort of way.  And so, I discovered the seductive and dangerous world of online fabric shopping.  Holy ‘eck is there a lot of beautiful fabric out there.  I exercised restraint, and only ordered a few things, but I sense that I could get myself in a lot of trouble.

So, first up is this cute little Geranium dress.  The elephant print is from Monaluna’s Raaga collection, and the orange bodice is from the Andover textured solids collection.  Both were wonderful to work with and I am really happy with the result.  The pattern was straightforward and fun to sew – the only difficulty I had was that I wasn’t happy with the way my bodice finishing came out – the part where I did the “stitch in the ditch” to catch the lower edge of the lining did not work well, so I ended up stitching it by hand.  I also did french seams on the inside of the skirt, so the result is one snazzy-looking little dress – even on the inside!

I hadn’t planned far enough in advance to pick up some buttons (which requires driving to a town 30 minutes away that has a larger fabric store), so I made some covered buttons:




I can’t wait to try this on little girl.  She’s out with her papa right now, but hopefully she’s in a cooperative mood when she gets home:)

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