Fall KCW – Bimaa!


I am way too excited about this project because it was my first attempt at sewing with knits.  And it turned out really well!  I have such a basic sewing machine (a 15 year old Pfaff Select 1530) that I feared it wouldn’t go well.  I used a ball-tip jersey needle and the stretch stitch on my machine.  Easy, no issues.  What was I so nervous about?  Perhaps the fabric helped – instead of re-using one of the old t-shirts I have been saving to practice on, I rather impulsively cut into a piece of Lillestoff cotton/spandex interlock.  It is beautiful quality, and seems very stable considering the amount of stretch it has.  I can see how sewing with a squidgier knit would be challenging.

The Bimaa pattern is very straightforward, with great instructions.  It took under an hour to sew it up, and that was at my slow knit-newbie pace.  Honestly, the hardest part was making sure that the raindrops came out in the right direction while I cut out pattern pieces at 11pm.  I had very little of the raindrop fabric, so there was no room for error.  I’m looking forward to making another Bimaa in the hoodie-with-ears style.  I have something woodland creature-inspired in mind, with fuzzy brown ears.

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