Fall KCW – Foxy class picnic blouse


I was so excited to get my Fanfare fabric in the mail a few days ago.  It is so beautiful and soft – this is so amazing compared to the thin flannel that I usually find at our local fabric store.  And it is just so incredibly cute that I didn’t want it to be reserved for pajamas (although I did get some for that purpose too).  So, I decided to try an Oliver and S Class Picnic Blouse in flannel so that my little girlie can enjoy wearing super soft foxes during the day as well.

For the most part it came out really well, although the fabric is a little bit too thick.  I think I should have done the elastic casing around the neck in a lighter fabric to avoid having it be too bulky.  I added a little bit of length and some elastic to the sleeves, as well as an inch to the length of the body.  It seems warm and snuggly, and she enjoyed wearing it outside to rake some leaves today.

I’ve been enjoying the KCW challenge, and sewing 1-2 hours a day.  My main challenge this week has been that the mountain valley I live in has been cloaked in fog and low cloud for the last 5 days.  Taking pictures has been very difficult.  So, I have completed projects, I’m just having a rough time getting pictures of them!  Here is a dark-ish shot of E and her fox shirt in action:


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