KCW – Hosh Pants


My daughter’s wardrobe is rather lacking in pants at the moment, so I decided to give the Hosh Pants pattern a try.  I’m not totally sold on the skinny jeans trend, but I do think that 3 year-olds can get away with them;-)  The pants came together quickly, with easy to follow instructions.  I tracked down buttonhole elastic so that I could give the adjustable waistband a try.  Sadly, I didn’t like the way it came out (the elastic was really tugging on the buttons and pulling the front of the waistband a lot), so I ended up just sewing in regular elastic around the back.  The waistband just behaved better that way.  It could have been due to the fact that the stretch denim that I used is a wee bit too heavy for this pattern.

To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with the finished pants at first.  They looked really plain, and the fit was a bit odd (again, probably because the fabric is too stiff).  I decided to add some fuzzy pockets to see if that would help.  Fuzzy pockets increased the awesomeness of these pants 100%.  E. wore them all day yesterday, and I have to say that they improved as she wore them.  The fabric conformed to her, and the gathers at the back of the waistband calmed down.  She didn’t complain about them at all, and they looked so cute with her new fox shirt.  So, in the end these were a success, and I’ll definitely try the pattern again with some lighter fabric.

Photos are still a problem – we’re on day 6 of low fog!  It’s like the weather planned this perfectly to correspond with KCW!  I couldn’t get E. to pose against a decent background, so I just followed her around while she raked leaves in the driveway.

hosh_pants_1 hosh_pants_2

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