Pepper Pinafore

Winter KCW has come, and just like last time, the valley I live in is shrouded in fog, making it very difficult to take any photos.  I have in fact been doing a fair amount of sewing, but it sure has been hard to photograph anything, especially with my perpetually-in-motion girl, who usually appears as an indistinct blur.

First up was a linen Pepper Pinafore.  I am a total sucker for natural-coloured linen, although it isn’t the most practical choice for kids’ clothing.  I managed to snap a few pictures, and within half an hour it had tomato sauce spilled down the front.

I sewed it up in the size 4, and added an embroidered squirrel to one pocket.  It still looked a little plain, so I added a simple running stitch around the bodice.  The wooden buttons are sewn on with pink embroidery floss, to match the squirrel.

pepper_pinafore_1 pepper_pinafore_2 pepper_pinafore_3

The pattern sewed up fairly easily, although I had a bit of an issue with the back of the bodice and had to fudge it a little bit.  I wish I had extended the length of the bodice as well, since it is a bit snug under the arms.  The result is so sweet though, and I will definitely make another one for the summer.  The embroidery pattern is from Aneela Hoey’s book, “Little Stitches“.

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