Striped Flashback dress


After my first foray into sewing knits during the fall KCW, I was ready for a bit more adventure this time around.  Little girl has recently had a growth spurt and her shirt sleeves are all starting to look a bit short, so some more long-sleeved t-shirts are definitely in order.  Everyone seems to love Made by Rae’s Flashback, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Except that somehow, at 9pm last night, I decided to make a dress instead of a shirt.  I can’t say exactly how that happened, except that the fabric was so nice and soft, and I had enough to make a dress, and E doesn’t have any winter dresses.  I guess it was just calling out “comfy play dress” to me.  So, I added length and flare on to the size 4 pattern, and went for it.  It sewed up easily, although I did have to rip the neck band off and cut a slightly larger one.  I even got to try out my new double needle – wow, how cool are those?  I’m pleased with how it came out, except for one little pucker where the neckband is sewn on, which I am trying not to notice, since I really don’t want to rip the neckband off again.  The striped fabric is a beautiful Lillestoff interlock, which is amazing to sew with.  The coral trim is from an old t-shirt of mine.

Little girl seems to love it.  She asked to put it on right away, which has never actually happened before with anything I have sewn for her – usually there is some cajoling involved.  I can understand why – it just looks so comfy, and I suspect it will be in heavy rotation.  I think it is time to sew some leggings…

The semi-civilized photos:



…and, the raised by wolves photos, which is actually how most of them came out:

dress_4 dress_5

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