Woodland Bimaa


I’ve been wanting to make the hoody version of the wonderful Bimaa pattern for a while now.  When I discovered that there is an ear tutorial and then found this great woodland animal-print knit, I decided that this project just had to happen.  I sewed it up with a beautiful quality cotton/spandex knit, with brown and white stripes for the hood lining, ears, and cuffs.  Little girl loves it, and is happy to wear it with the hood up, which is totally unprecedented.

Upon uploading the photos, I noticed that she has chocolate ice cream on the end of her nose.  Perhaps it just adds to the woodland creature look?


I wanted to make a cozy winter outfit, so I sewed a pair of camel-coloured fleecy pants to go with the hoody (I also used the same fleece for the back of the ears) with a wide knit waistband and cuffs at the ankles.  The ensemble is so cute and cozy, I just want to snuggle her when she is wearing it.  I’m counting this one as a success – the sewing went totally smoothly, and little girl is happy to wear it.

woodland_bimaa_3 woodland_bimaa_4



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