KCW – Day 1!


Despite the large stacks of fabric on the shelf in my sewing “room” (aka, my bedroom), I decided to order some textile inspiration in order to kick off the spring edition of Kids Clothes Week.  While searching around for a reasonably-priced option for ordering knit fabrics in Canada, I came across l’Oiseau Fabrics, and found myself suitably inspired.  The first thing I just had to cut into was the super-soft, fine-wale Stenzo corduroy.  I love the bursts of bright colour on the grey background, and Miss E approves of the floral print.  Her papa, not so much.  His reaction was less that enthusiastic.  I can only assume that men just don’t understand flowered pants.


I sewed these up with the quick and comfy Parsley Pants pattern, in a size 4.  I think E would be happy if these were the only type of pants in her wardrobe.  We’ve recently had to cull all the “hard, crunchy” pants out of her drawer (no more jeans).  Which I can understand, I don’t really crunchy pants either.  I sewed up a short-sleeve Flashback T to go with the pants, and to start populating a summer wardrobe, also out of a jersey knit from l’Oiseau.  I have to say that I am very excited to have found a source for great kids’ garment fabrics in Canada:)

E demonstrating that this outfit passes the lounge test:

kcw_1_3 kcw_1_4 kcw_1_5

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