KCW – Day 2


Now for something really springy looking!  An Oliver + S Swingset skirt, sewn in the frog pond print from the Briar Rose collection.  I didn’t originally intend to sew clothing out of this fabric, since it’s rather busy – I think I had a pillowcase for E’s bed in mind when I bought it.  But sewn up as a skirt, I really like it.  The colours are fresh and pretty, and the little frog leaning against a tree stump and reading the newspaper is awesome.  I hadn’t anticipated that we would have to call it the “penguin skirt” because E has decided  that she doesn’t like frogs.  However, as long as I remember to refer to it in the correct way, she is happy to wear it.


I lined it with shot cotton in sprout, I believe.  The shot cotton was purchased from Mad About Patchwork, which has a great selection of colours and a good price, just in case anyone else is looking for a Canadian source.

This was my first time sewing the Swingset Skirt, and I love the way it turned out.  It has a nice fullness to it, but is still every-day wearable.  The ribbon drawstring is cute, but comes untied within about 10 seconds flat when E wears it.  The ribbon has since been removed, and next time I sew this, I’ll just put in three rows of elastic.  It would be easy to make the skirt reversible that way too.

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