KCW – Day 3/4

I am totally amazed by all of the projects showing up on the Kids Clothes Week website.  It is so inspiring to see what everyone is making – I have discovered a few patterns that I would like to try out, and am certainly inspired by some of the colour and fabric combinations that I’ve seen.  And sewing spring and summer clothes is just so fun after a long, dark winter.  I’ve tried participating in a couple of the KCW challenges before, but this is the first time that a) no one in my household has been sick  b) I haven’t been away for part of it  and c) I was actually semi-prepared going in.  And it has been really awesome.

I spent days 3 and 4 making a pair of pyjamas for E.  I’ve never actually made her any before, and pyjamas are definitely her preferred type of clothing, so it stands to reason that this is probably her favourite “outfit” that I’ve ever sewn… the Gnome Pyjamas.  E is a girl who would wear PJs every day if she could get away with it.  In fact, for a few months when she was 2, she basically did wear them every day.  She was the only kid at the beach in July wearing PJs.  I remember being annoyed by her insistence, but that phase has kind of faded into the annals of parenting issues that I shouldn’t have bothered stressing about.  And while she no longer wears PJs all the time, her standard for acceptable clothing is measured by asking “is it as comfortable as pyjamas?”.  If the answer is no, she wants nothing to do with it.


I sewed these up using Stenzo “Gnomes on the Go” jersey – another one of my goodies from l’Oiseau Fabric.  The top is another Flashback T, sewn up in size 4 with a bit of extra length in the body and sleeves.  The pants are made with the Fancy Pants pattern – my first time sewing these up.  I made the size 5 with no modifications.  I ended up inserting elastic in the waistband, since they were kind of slipping down with just the jersey knit.  The bum panel is solid red, as E is trying to investigate in this picture:



I had them ready for her when she got home from preschool at lunch time, and she was so excited that she wore them for the rest of the day – well, it was actually so warm out this afternoon that the pants came off for a while, but the top stayed on.  This is one PJ top that works just fine as day wear – the gnomes and VWs are just so stinkin’ cute.

The afternoon was beautiful and sunny, so we set up shop on the lawn and painted Easter eggs.  I had already blown out the eggs, so we put them on wooden skewers and stuck them in a plant pot to help with the painting.  We used some leftover salt paint, which gave the eggs a slightly shiny and sparkly finish.  I’m planning to attach strings and hang them on branches in the house.

kcw_4_4 kcw_4_5 kcw_4_6



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