KCW – Day 5


Well, I certainly never thought that I’d sew underwear, but now I’m completely hooked.  I saw these turn up on some other sewing blogs, and hoped they would be the answer to our underwear woes.  E has always been very anti-underwear, and we have never really found any that were comfortable and fit well.  Some are cute, but cut like women’s undies, and result in constant picking.  Others fit OK in the morning, but are drooping and falling down after a couple of hours.  It’s always been a struggle to get her to wear them, right from the very first training pants – expensive organic cotton Hanna Anderson trainers that inexplicably left a rash on the seamlines along the bum.  It was not an auspicious start.

These do seem to be the solution – the Children’s Undies pattern from That Darn Kat.  I tried out a pair a while ago, and they got the stamp of approval.  E says they are comfy, and she wears them all day without complaint or picking.  They are also ridiculously cute – they have a sort of a superhero-vibe, and the fit is great.  I have now made 4 pairs, and hope to get a few more done to extend laundry turnaround time a bit.  The sewing was not difficult, although the first time it was a little bit finicky getting everything lined up properly.  After the first pair, I also decided to go out and buy a rotary cutter, which has certainly simplified cutting.  These ones are made out of Lillestoff scraps and a couple of my old t-shirts.  I’m looking forward to raiding the scrap pile and coming up with some more fabric combinations.


According to my husband, these are the best thing I’ve ever sewed – he seemed genuinely impressed when he saw me cutting up old t-shirts to sew underwear:)


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