KCW – Days 6 and 7

Well, unfortunately things kind of fizzled out at the end of Kids Clothes Week for me.  I felt like I’d been on a roll, and then the weekend hit, and things got crazy.  I managed to cut some beautiful fabric to make a Geranium dress, but I never had time to start sewing.  Between a sushi rice emergency, a grocery store hunt for perfectly ripe avocados, and a potluck party on Saturday, and going to the cabane a sucre on Sunday (returning home with a tired, wired, sugared-up kiddo), I was officially done.

My last completed project was a rather marginal effort – some knit scraps and a repurposed Old Navy shirt.  I kind of knew the shirt would be a bad idea when I cut it up – it’s some sort of rayon blend and is very shifty and squidgy.  I’ve never sewn with anything like that before, and it just didn’t want to behave.  The side seams puckered, which resulted in an unfortunate ruched effect.  A good pressing got rid of most of it, but I have a feeling it’s just waiting to spring back into its puckered form.  I also tried binding the neck and armholes instead of sewing on a band.  It worked out OK, although the spots where the binding joins are pretty bulky – I ended up ripping them out and re-sewing them without turning over the end of the binding strip.  I figured it won’t unravel, and the dress isn’t exactly a thing of beauty anyhow.  I’ll chalk this one up to a learning experience.  And it might actually end up getting some wear, since it’s soft and comfy.  E is quite intrigued with the idea of sleeping in a nightgown, which she’s never tried, so she asked if this could be one:)  Once the weather warms up, that would be just fine.


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