The Easter Tree


While sewing has ground to a halt, E and I did paint some eggs, and made our first Easter tree.  We painted the eggs last week, using the last of our salt paint, made using the crystallizing paint recipe from the Fun at Home With Kids blog.  The paint didn’t dry into large crystals like it did on watercolour paper, but it still gives the eggs a pretty, shimmery look.  E and I hot-glued ribbons onto the eggs, and then gathered some branches to assemble a tree.  She was super excited to decorate the tree until the unfortunate dropping-of-the-favourite-blue-egg incident.  She cried like her heart was breaking while I glued the egg back together, and then all was well in the world again.


The Easter tree has been almost as exciting as a Christmas tree:)  It sits on the table while we draw, and E enjoys setting up little arrangements of animals underneath it.


Can you kind-of sort-of tell that the paint is shimmery?


E added the disco ball ornament, which wasn’t quite the look I was going for, but when the late afternoon sun shines through the window, it throws magical little reflections all around the living room.


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