A birthday present

One of E’s friends turned 4 on the weekend, so I sewed up this little doll blanket and pillow to give to her.  When they play together, it is pretty much always centred around their babies.  There have been rather a lot of squabbles lately about who gets to use which baby accessory (“well, MY baby has TWO blankets AND three stuffies”).  It has kind of been driving me up the wall, since this level of competitiveness is a fairly new thing, but I’m sure it’s just a normal phase in learning how to play, and share, and interact.  I’m trying to hold back to let them work things out, and only intervene when absolutely necessary.  Anyhow, given the amount of baby play that goes on, and the number of baby blankets that seem to be necessary, I figured this would be a good gift.


I am not a quilter, and probably never will be, but I must say that I did enjoy going through the scrap bin and cutting out squares for this blanket.  It’s fun to reminisce about the different fabrics, and I appreciated the fact that I was able to combine a complete mish-mash of colours and patterns, and still end up with something fun.



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