Kids’ Choice – The Poppy Dress


This dress was supposed to be my final project for spring KCW, but somehow that never quite happened.  And then I came across the Kids’ Choice Link Up at Elegance & Elephants, and just had to participate.  E needed a new summer dress, so I offered to let her pick out the fabric.  We sat down and looked at the l’Oiseau Fabrics website, and I expected that she’d go for something cute like little animals, or gnomes or something with obvious kid-appeal.  But she was quite clear that she wanted flowers, and picked out this beautiful poppy fabric.  Nice choice, kiddo!

The dress is a basic Geranium dress, with the faux cap sleeve option, and a gathered skirt.  I went for a nice finish on the inside, with french seams on the skirt, and I hand-sewed the inside of the bodice, since it just looks so much neater that way.  I also decided to add black flat piping around the bodice, since there’s a lot of colour and pattern to this dress, and it helps divide things up a bit.

This is the really strange “has my child been replaced by a girly little doppelganger” part of the outfit.  E never wears anything in her hair.  She won’t allow any barrette or elastic to come in contact with her head.  But she said that she’d like a flower to wear in her hair.  I tried to play it cool, although inside I was pretty excited about the prospect of her wearing something that will keep her hair out of her face.  I’m not a girly hair accessory type of person, but it does drive me a bit batty that her hair is always hanging in her face, and the ends get dipped in yoghurt on a fairly regular basis.  We worked together to pick out colours of wool felt to make a flower, and she picked out the sparkly black button to put in the middle.  She decided that a headband would be more comfortable than barrettes.  The band is sewn out of black jersey.


This was her reaction when I asked her to put the Calico Critters down so I could get a picture of the front of the dress:


Since there was no way she was relinquishing the bunnies, I got a shot of the flat piping on the back of the dress, and there’s a little peek of the chartreuse bodice lining:



E also needed a new pair of dress shoes, since we’re down to runners and rain boots.  She chose these ones because they have flowers on them, and they arrived in the mail today, just in time for our little photo shoot.  And they’re pretty much perfect:


I love how this project turned out, and so does E.  The fabric is absolutely beautiful, and I didn’t notice when I ordered it, but it is wide width.  I ordered 1.5 metres, and there is enough left that I should be able to make myself an a-line skirt as well.


5 thoughts on “Kids’ Choice – The Poppy Dress

  1. Angela, congrats on being one of the winning entries for Kids’ Choice! Could you e-mail me( so we can coordinate your prize? Thanks!

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