Cone girls

Things have been quiet on the sewing front here lately.  E has had a lingering cold and cough that just won’t go away.  She normally goes to preschool 2 mornings a week, but has been home with me instead, so I’ve had no sewing time.  She’s also been getting up way too early in the morning (anything with a 5 on the front is way too early in my opinion), so I feel too tired to focus on sewing come evening.  I have been getting some evening knitting in, since it can be done while relaxing on the couch, and the current project, an Antarktis shawl, requires relatively little concentration.


A couple of weeks ago, E rediscovered her cone girl paper dolls, which I printed out to take as airplane entertainment on a trip last fall.  These are available for free from Mr. Printables, and are a brilliant idea for young kids who wouldn’t be able to handle the fiddly tabs on regular paper dolls.  During one of our long sick days at home last week, I proposed doing a craft activity, and asked E if she had any ideas.  She asked if we could make new clothes for the cone girls.  It turned out to be a brilliant idea – we have had several 1-2 hour drawing sessions in the last week.  We made clothing templates by tracing around one of the existing cone girl outfits to get the shape and dimensions right.



I got out my “special” box of pencil crayons, which made the process even more appealing, since E has never used them before.  She sat at the table, deep in concentration, tracing, colouring, and cutting out outfits.  I, of course, had to join in on the fun and made a few too.  We also made some cone pets, as well as my personal favourite, “cone Papa”.  Papa pretty much wears jeans and a hoody all autumn, winter, and spring, and cargo shorts and a t-shirt all summer, so it was easy to create his wardrobe.  I went for the dressy alternative of cargo shorts and a plaid shirt:)


E was excited to invite Grandma over to make cone girls too.  It was sweet to see them hard at work together.





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