Funky igloo raglan

This is one of those projects that was just so much fun to make.  I had a great time rooting through my knit fabric scraps to come up with a fun combination, and enjoyed sewing up a raglan T for the first time – it’s always fun to try something new.  E really likes the finished shirt and is happy to wear it – bonus!


The purple fabric was from a shirt of mine.  I loved the printing on it – a strange mix of cherry blossoms, mountains, and an igloo – but it just never fit right.  I finally worked up the courage to take scissors to it, and E helped me pick out some contrasting fabric for the sleeves and cuffs.  Stars, polka dots, and an igloo – it’s a daring combination that E can pull off:)


I used the Recess Raglan pattern, but lengthened it and added a slight a-line shape.  The hem is cut hi-low at the moment, although I think I might bring the back up a bit.  It’s a bit on the long side – more of a tunic length – mostly because I want it to last for a while.


I left the bottom edge unhemmed.  We’ve been having a bit of an issue with E’s shirts – no matter how I finish the hems, she still manages to rip the stitches.  I’ve tried double-needle, stretch stitch, zig-zag – they all end up getting thrashed.  Subject to normal wear, I think any of these methods would be just fine, but the amount of stretching-over-the-knees and general abuse that her shirts take has left me stumped.  As it stands right now, I just re-hem her shirts every once in a while when they start looking really bad, and hope that she’ll grow out of this shirt-stretching phase at some point.  Or, I could just leave them all unfinished and say it’s a design feature:)

I’m looking forward to sewing a couple more raglans and playing with some more fun fabric combinations.

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