As I may have mentioned before, we have gone from 0 to 100 in terms of summertime around here.  We went from rainy, cool June, to extremely hot weather, practically overnight.  My sewing productivity (and to be honest, laundry, cleaning, and cooking productivity) have pretty much ground to a halt.  The house is like a furnace, and we’ve been perfecting the art of when to open which windows, close curtains, turn on fans at the back of the house, turn on fans at the front of the house…

For a bit of relief, we decided to leave town for a few days and escape to one of our favourite camping spots.  It has shady, mossy forest sites, each of which leads right to the beach.  E has been asking to go camping for a while now, not for the pristine beauty of the lake or the forest, but because she gets to roast marshmallows, and for a big treat, gets a glow stick to use as a nightlight in the tent.  I was happy to hang out in a beautiful place, and even got to do a bit of knitting!


E is in her happy place – eating a roasted marshmallow and cuddling with mama at the same time!


And while I haven’t been getting any sewing done lately, I did start a new knitting project, the Harpswell Apron, knit in beautiful Quince Sparrow linen yarn.  I am really enjoying knitting with the linen – it just feels right in my hands.  It sure felt adventurous when I came to the dropped stitch row in the pattern – drop a stitch off the needle and unravel it back six rows.  Now that was a leap of faith!  To add to the appeal of my new knitting project, I stored it in one of the zippered pouches that I made a few weeks ago, which I have decided to keep for myself:)


As has become our tradition when camping at the beach, we built a “penguin house” (yes, that’s what it must be called, despite the fact that there was actually a family of rabbits living in this one).  We collect sticks, rocks, bark, grass, moss, and whatever else looks like it could be used to build a tiny house.  E requested a bunny ferris wheel this year, and papa put that long-neglected mechanical engineering degree to use and constructed one out of sticks, grass, and birch bark.


While on a walk along the creek, we came across a little forest house that someone had constructed out of driftwood between two tree stumps.  It was absolutely magical for E, who could have spent hours there, setting the table with leaf dishes and pinecones, and sweeping out the little house with a horsetail broom.



Now home and unpacked, I have checked my calendar and noticed that Kids’ Clothes Week starts tomorrow!  Somehow that one slipped past me.  I’m planning to participate, but doubt I’ll be able to sew every day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a couple of longer sewing sessions and it will all balance out.  I’m going to try to focus on practical things, like a second pair of shorts for E (I tend to go rather minimal on E’s wardrobe, but one pair is really not enough) and some more underwear.  However, there’s a good chance that I’ll get sidetracked by something else:)

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