Summer Kids’ Clothes Week – Day 1


I didn’t think it would happen, but I actually managed to sew something for Day 1 of Kids’ Clothes Week!  So far, I’m sticking with my plan for practical clothing that E actually needs.  First up, a pair of summer PJs.  The fabric was part of my Kids’ Choice winnings from l’Oiseau Fabrics.  The fabric was E’s choice – my tastes tend to run less pink and flowery.  But if she learned nothing else during her first year of preschool, it is that girls love pink.  We’ve been fairly equal-opportunity with regards to colours until recently, and I’m finding that pink has been sneaking in more and more.  I’d be more at ease with it if I felt like it really was E’s own choice, but I just feel like pink is really pushed on girls, and they somehow feel like they are expected to like it.  She showed absolutely no interest in pink until she started preschool.  Anyhow, breathe mama, it’s really not a big deal.

Back to the PJs, the top is, once again, a short-sleeved Flashback Tee, and the shorts are Fancy Pants.  The cotton jersey is all lovely, soft Stenzo from l’Oiseau.  E gave them the stamp of approval – they are soft and comfy – and the stripy bum increases the cute factor (E is 4.5 years, and I suspect my days of getting away with stripy bums are limited – I have to do it while I still can!).


The main notable feature of these photos is that E is wearing her new glasses.  About a month ago, she commented that she could see clearly through one eye, but that the other one was blurry.  I took her to the optometrist, and sure enough, one of her eyes is very weak.  The other one is fine, and has been fully compensating, which is why we never noticed that anything was amiss.  So, little girl is now the rather reluctant owner of a pair of shiny red glasses (her choice).  When she put them on,  she commented that she could see two of everything – an indication of how little the right eye had been doing before – her brain wasn’t even really processing the information from that eye.  Within about an hour, the images had merged, and she was running around, seemingly unbothered by any changes in depth perception.  Unfortunately, it is an ongoing struggle to get her to wear the glasses – she takes them off regularly, sets them down, and then I have to go glasses hunting.  Hopefully she gets used to them, and wears them regularly enough that her eye will get stronger.  We’ve got two months to try glasses alone, and if there’s no improvement, then she’ll have to wear a patch too.


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