KCW – Kid Art inspired


This season’s Kids’ Clothes Week theme, Kid Art, is just so awesome that I had to play along.  I love the idea of using transfer paper to put E’s drawings on fabric, but don’t have a colour printer, so that one is out for the time being.  I’d also love to try painting fabric with E, but didn’t feel like investing a lot in fabric paint/dye at the moment (I have Procion fabric dye, but can’t really involve E in that process).  So, I decided to buy a package of Sharpie fabric markers so she could draw pictures on fabric.  I cut up pieces of white cotton jersey and white broadcloth, and taped them down to the table with masking tape.

Even though I taped the fabric down to the table, it was still difficult for her to draw on the cotton jersey because the fabric stretched and snagged the marker – the result was kind of a dashed line – turns out you have to use really light pressure with the markers to draw on stretchy fabric, and E still presses down hard on crayons and markers.  She seemed happy enough to draw on the fabric though, and I just went over the drawing afterwards to fill in the line.  She was able to draw easily on the broadcloth, and made a couple of awesome pictures which I hope to incorporate into another project.  I also tried tracing one of her drawings onto fabric, but somehow my drawing is still too neat – it totally takes away the awesomeness of the drawings.

So, I used one of the slightly touched-up drawings on cotton jersey as the front of a Recess Raglan.  It is a penguin with the sun shining above it, although I like how the sun gives the penguin a very angelic appearance:)  The only change I made to the pattern was adding a band around the bottom (I used the band piece from the Bimaa pattern).  E was pretty thrilled to see one of her drawings sewn up into a shirt and was very proud to wear it for about 10 minutes – then she hurt her finger and got blood all over the front of it.  She cried because her finger was hurt, and cried because she had to relinquish the shirt for stain removal.  It is now clean and drying, so that she can model it for her papa tomorrow:)




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