KCW – Day 4/5


On Thursday afternoon, E asked if she could go sleep over at her grandma’s house.  This operation has only been attempted successfully once before, so I was a bit skeptical, but she insisted.  Fortunately, grandma lives close by and was available for a sleepover.  After dinner, we packed up and headed over there.  E encouraged me to leave quickly, doubtless so that she could indulge in ice cream and cookies without my disapproving looks (just for the record, I have nothing against ice cream and cookies, it was more about quantity and timing.  But hey if grandma wants get her sugared up and then deal with bedtime, so be it:).  I got home to an empty house by 7:30 – husband was at a band practice – which meant, sewing time!

I printed, traced, cut, and sewed up a pair of O&S Sunny Day Shorts – it was immensely satisfying to sew something from start to finish!  The pattern is a great blank canvas to work from.  I added pockets with topstitching, and flat-felled the seams for a nice finish, which added a bit of extra sewing time, but still a quick and easy pattern which I am sure I will return to again.  The fabric is Robert Kaufman herringbone chambray, which is lovely and soft.  By the time the shorts were finished, it was rather late, but with no kiddo in the house, I was factoring in a bit of a sleep in the next morning.


Sadly, at 5:45 am, which ironically is around the time that E usually gets up, the phone rang – a telemarketing scam supposedly about a Microsoft product I had registered.  I was not gracious about being woken up, but tragically wasn’t able to fall asleep again – seething with rage is not conducive to sleep.  So, at 6:15 I got up, carried my sewing stuff downstairs to the dining room, and proceeded to take advantage of some unexpected sewing time, albeit somewhat grudgingly.  By 10am, I had completed sewing a Tiered Blouse, project G from Happy Homemade.  The fabric I used was something I purchased a decade ago – a gauzy, crinkly, embroidered cotton.  And it was pretty horrible to work with – I guess I need a good reminder every now and again why it is worth it to purchase good quality fabric.


Still, the finished blouse is really cute – flowy, airy, fun, and pretty.  Initially, I had planned to make the whole thing in the white fabric, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut a long narrow strip of the squidgy, shifty white fabric for the neck ribbon, so I ended up using shot cotton instead, which is much nicer to work with.  So, I guess I’ll just call the contrast ribbon a design feature, right?  The only change I made to the pattern was to add extra length to the bottom tier of the blouse – it just looked too short, so I cut it out the the size 8 length.





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