End of summer

As quickly as the scorching-hot summer days arrived, they seem to have departed.  I have hopes for more warm, golden September days at the beach, but honestly I’m breathing a sigh of relief that the weeks on end of hot weather have come to an end.  I was so excited to turn the oven on and roast a chicken and make muffins a couple of days ago!

While I still don’t have any new sewing projects to share (ahem, must get to that curtain), I do have some photos from a late-summer day at the park.

Low water has exposed sand flats, perfect for endless running.


E noticed some big girls who had found mud!  She couldn’t resist going for a mud bath too.  At first I was somewhat hesitant to let her, but really isn’t this what childhood is for?


Swamp thing!  Time for a dunk in the lake…



We ran into some friends playing beautiful marimba music in the park.


The Kokanee salmon are spawning up the river – we see it every year but it is still amazing!


Posing for tourist shots at the interpretive centre in the park – I am a bear about to eat a salmon of course:)


There are drawbacks to living in the middle of nowhere – long travel times to get anywhere, an unreliable airport, no fabric or yarn – but I am so grateful to have wilderness in our back yard.

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