Sewing procrastination and Summertime knitting


I have pretty much stalled on sewing projects since July – thank goodness for KCW, or I likely wouldn’t have accomplished anything!  The truth is that I have two projects that I’ve been avoiding, and I really shouldn’t make anything else until they are done (I’d have to be really sneaky, and if caught, I’d never hear the end of it).  Which leads me to make what seems like a horrible confession, given that everyone who blogs seems to have a beautiful, photo-worthy home.  The truth is that I couldn’t care less about decorating, and I generally detest sewing things for my home.  Since I’m making confessions here, I may as well throw in the fact that my kid has too many toys, my bedroom is a disaster (it seems to have become our default storage room), and our furniture looks like it should belong to a university student (except for the couch, which is actually new and beautiful).

The first sewing project in question is a curtain for our bathroom.  Not a shower curtain, but a curtain for the door – since, you know, it’s nice to have something covering the bathroom door.  In my defence, we do have a broken folding pocket door on there now, that is half attached and hangs crookedly, but something more robust would be preferable.  We also live in a small town that has lots of funky houses with strange layouts (bathtub in the living room?  Heck yeah!  It’s close to the woodstove that way! Bathroom sink doesn’t fit in the bathroom?  No problem, just put it out in the hallway).  Anyhow, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to sew the bloody curtain.

The other dreaded project is a duvet cover for E’s new “big girl” bed.  We finally cajoled her out of her toddler bed (which she filled completely from headboard to footboard, and showed no inclination of wanting to give up) by letting her pick out the colour for her new bed frame.  She wanted red, and I managed to steer her towards a corally-red colour that won’t be quite as jarring with her existing furniture.  Her bed is now painted “strawberry fields” red, and she is happily sleeping in it with her toddler bed-sized blankets.  The weather is getting cooler, and she’s going to need that new duvet on the bed soon.

While having privacy in the bathroom (ha, who am I kidding, I have a 4 year old!) and a warm child should be reward enough, I am hoping to add some extra motivation to tackle these projects in the next week by rewarding myself with a little bit of fabric shopping when they’re done:)  So, for purposes of accountability, I’m going to put in writing that these projects will be done by September 10, and then I can indulge in frivolous clothing sewing guilt-free.


I’ve also finished knitting a scarf that I love, knit with the Antarktis pattern.  I love the pattern, and knit it once before as a gift for my mum.  This one is extra-special, and I will be keeping it for myself!  I made it with Fibre Company Meadow, which is the most beautiful, subtle yarn – a mix of merino, baby llama, silk, and linen.  And oh my, is it beautiful.  I particularly like how the different fibres absorb the dye differently.  Is it wrong to look forward to slightly cooler weather so that I can wear my scarf?




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