End of summer in the alpine


I have no progress to report on the dreaded curtain sewing project (although I did find the fabric and put it in the laundry basket to be washed), but we did go for another nice outing yesterday.  Since I feel like blogging, I will focus on sharing some photos of our daily life instead of sewing:)  This was another nice end-of-summer outing, though it was chilly in the alpine – toques and fleece jackets were involved!  Still, we have to take advantage of the easy access now – before we know it there will be snow and the road will be closed!  Unfortunately, the clouds clung stubbornly to the mountains for the three hours we were out, so we never caught sight of the peaks, but it was still beautiful.

It is kind of a standing joke in my family that we can be in the most spectacular, expansive scenery, and I’ll have my camera lens pointed at lichen, moss, rocks, plants, and other small details.  Before E was born, and she pretty much became my sole photography subject, I took a lot of close-up nature photos, and it is something that I still enjoy.  The amazing colours and textures of lichen and fungi are particularly appealing to me.


I could have admired the colour and texture of the grasses in the meadow for hours – E, was not quite so patient.  Grass-admiring is probably best done solo:)



The silvery, weathered wood of the boardwalk through the meadow contrasted against the green grass.


E balancing on a bridge over one of the creeks…


A friendly marmot was very interested in the contents of E’s lunch box.  She opened her box, unaware that she was being watched, and then clued in that someone was behind her…


…and was tempted into nibbling a piece of apple.  E was totally thrilled, and her favourite part of the day was definitely “lunch with the marmot”.


The weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, so perhaps tomorrow will be the day to tackle the curtain project.


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