My husband decided to take E for a little Papa-daughter adventure this weekend, so I was the grateful recipient of two days and two nights alone.  I took this gift of uninterrupted time as an opportunity to tackle the two dreaded projects – the duvet cover and the curtain.  And really, I ended up enjoying both of them.  It is such a gift to be able to immerse myself in a big project, rather than my usual practice of snatching whatever short bits of time I can, and also to sew at times of the day when I actually have energy and am alert.


I think that part of the reason that I had been putting off the duvet cover project was that I was completely winging it, and using beautiful fabric that I really didn’t want to waste.  The fabric in question is from the “Littlest” collection by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I bought it a couple of months ago from Warp & Weft, a beautiful Canadian-based (wahoo!) online fabric store with a really lovely selection of fabric.  I was looking for something that was perfectly sweet for a little girl, but not too cutesy, and with a colour palette that offers something beyond pink and purple.  I discussed a theme with E, and she was really into the idea of bunnies and flowers.  Littlest seemed to fit the bill.


I was also hoping to make a “quilt-like” duvet cover – I am not a quilter, but figured I could handle sewing a bunch of squares together.  And so, I embarked on cutting out 45 squares (starting using scissors, ending up buying a rotary cutter), which I then attempted to set out semi-randomly in rows of 5.  A little nagging voice in the back of my head questioned whether this would work – would all these squares have the requisite stability without a backing of any kind? – but I kept going.  I sewed the rows together, finished the seam allowances, and carefully topstitched everything, and fell more and more in love with the project as it came together.  Miraculously, everything lined up and it seems sturdy – I think that the high quality of this fabric made it quite forgiving to work with – I don’t know if a large expanse of unbacked patchwork would work so well with a poor-quality fabric.


I have to say that this project has given me a glimpse at the appeal of quilting.  Not the intricacies of geometric shapes obviously, but the way that the fabrics work together – the little details in the patterns, and the way that the colours play off of each other.  I like the fabric more now that I did when I first saw it.


I was really happy with the finished project, but mentally prepared myself that it would probably receive a lukewarm reception from E, since she is generally quite resistant to any sort of change.  But surprisingly she really seems to like it – she hasn’t even wanted to sleep with her old blanky since I put this on her bed!  I am so, so glad that she likes it, and I hope that she doesn’t age out of the cute bunny phase too soon.


Here’s E perusing the newest Playmobil catalogue, planning well in advance for Christmas requests.  At this point she is quite sure that she wants the police station (?), but also seems interested in the alpine cable car, two choices which I never would have guessed!  I may try to steer her towards the cable car since I would much rather play with that one;-)

3 thoughts on “Littlest

  1. Wow, this is really very cute, my daughter would also love this! I recently tried my first quilt as a present for my mother-in-law. I should also try this one day 🙂

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