Hide-and-Seek Dress


Ah, yarn-dyed Essex linen and a beautiful print from Cloud 9’s  Wildwood collection – I really love this combination of fabric.  As do many of the women who saw E wearing her new Hide-and-Seek dress today, and commented that they’d like one for themselves.  This was the ultimate compliment for E, since she is so earnestly trying to be a “short grown-up” these days.  And I have to say that she did look very grown up wearing her new dress and knitted scarf today.  She proudly (and slightly dangerously) wheeled the shopping basket around the grocery store this afternoon, picking out the things she wanted to buy (bunny pasta, brie cheese, and a bottle of “milk with cream on top”), and then skipped across the street to make an appointment at the bank to open her own account.  Slow down little girl – don’t grow up too fast!


This was my first time sewing up the Hide-and-Seek dress.  I’ve had my eye on it for a while now, and admired many of the beautiful versions others have made, but hesitated to buy the pattern – E is at the upper end of size 4, but probably not quite a 5.  In the end, I decided to go for the 5-12 size range, which worked out well for this dress since it is swingy and loose-fitting.  As with all the Oliver and S patterns I’ve tried, sewing this up was satisfying, resulted in a beautiful finished product, and boosted my confidence in my sewing abilities.  Two words – welt pockets:)  I skipped the notch on the bodice, but otherwise sewed everything as written in the pattern.


The fabric worked well for this – the indigo Essex linen has a nice weight and drape to it, which makes it feel like a nice substantial fall dress.  I think fine-wale corduroy would be a nice choice too – I envision velvety solids with some colour blocking.  The print on the yoke, which is the Wildwood Forest Floor print in the Khaki colourway, has lovely colours, and I am consistently impressed with the quality of Cloud 9’s cottons.  They work so well for dresses.  I finished the back with mother-of-pearl buttons.


In full disclosure, I did not sew this entire dress today, however I did spent 2 hours finishing it up, so I will call it a successful Day 1 of Kids’ Clothes Week!  And now I’m off to plan for tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Hide-and-Seek Dress

  1. Beautiful ! Love the Essex linen and cloud 9 combination . I really like the simplicity of this dress, it’s so understated yet beautiful . Am going through a ‘less is more’ phase at the moment and this ticks that box !

    • Thank you! I’m trying to find a balance between sewing things in bright colours and patterns that appeal to my daughter, and the simple, muted colours that appeal to me. Fortunately we’re both happy with this one:)

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