And now for something completely different…


I have tidied up the scraps of tasteful linen and organic Cloud 9 cotton, and moved on to cheap polarfleece for this one, because next up on my KCW sewing is a Halloween costume for my penguin-obsessed girl.  Given the amount of penguin play and penguin talk that goes on around here, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that E would dress as a penguin for Halloween.

I read through this tutorial for some ideas, and then sketched out some very rough pattern pieces.  It is based on a basic a-line dress shape with a zipper in the back, and elastic at the bottom.  I added a bit of stuffing to make a nice plump penguin belly, and some flippers with elastic at the elbows to secure them to E’s arms for flapping purposes.


The feet are E’s favourite part of the costume – when she puts them on, she really gets in character.  There is much waddling and squonking going on around here.  I suspect this costume will get a lot of wear.


My apologies for the bad photos.  After weeks of warm, sunny fall weather, the rains have finally arrived, and it felt like we barely achieved daylight today.

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