Friday night


So, apparently my idea of a good time on a Friday night involves wrestling 10 metres of tulle into submission.  E started a dance class this fall and she absolutely loves it, which seems to have triggered my maternal need to sew a tutu for her.  I turned to the instructions in Oliver & S Little Things to Sew, armed with what seemed like a ridiculous about of tulle, ribbon, and my mum’s help (the spare pair of hands definitely helps with this one).  My tulle was roughly 60 inches wide, and cut in 2 metre lengths, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the neat measurements in the book (108″ wide tulle cut to double the length of the tutu) and had to do some cutting to get the right length for the skirt.  I was a bit concerned about achieving the right amount of fullness, but discovered that wasn’t really a concern.  This baby has plenty of poof.

I used five colours of tulle – dark purple, bright pink, aqua, violet, light pink.  Layered together, it makes a sort of iridescent purple.


E is very happy with her tutu and requested a matching one for her penguin stuffy, Mama Pingu.


The sewing, which was quite minimal – most of my time was spent gathering – went fine.  The only mishap was that when I was all finished, I discovered that the ribbon was unravelling, not from the ends but from the side.  I had to do a rolled edge hem on the long ribbon to keep it from disintegrating.  I have my doubts that this ribbon will survive long in the hands of a 4 year-old, and will probably end up replacing it.


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