Denim dungarees


I ordered this stretch denim fabric before Kids’ Clothes Week with the intention of making a pair of Kudzu pants.  But then I got distracted by Compagnie M’s new Charles Dungarees pattern – the slim fit, curved bib, piping, and contrast pockets are all features that totally appeal to me.  They are a very cool and clever design.  Then out of the blue, E said that she’d like a pair of overalls, so that pretty much decided it.  And so I found myself spending the last day of KCW tracing a brand new pattern.


The main fabric is Kaufman stretch denim, and boy is it stretchy.  Like this could be used for jeggings stretchy (did I just say jeggings?).  I was actually concerned that it may have too much stretch to it, so I backed the straps and bibs with the contrast Railroad stripe denim to give it a bit more stability.  In the end, I think it worked out fine, since these are quite slim fitting, and a bit of extra stretch around the bum is probably a good thing.


This was my first time sewing a Compagnie M pattern, and I found that it came together really nicely.  The instructions and pictures are great, and there was no point in the process that I felt confused.  I followed the pattern as written, except that I did not use buttonhole elastic, since we don’t get along.  I just sewed in a piece of regular waistband elastic, and it worked just fine.  Next time I may leave out the elastic altogether so that the fit over the bum is not quite so snug.  I sewed these up based on E’s measurements, and the 5 is perfect – I am so happy with how these turned out.  Overalls are insanely adorable on little people.

I had half a metre of elephant print jersey from l’Oiseau Fabrics on hand, so I sewed up a quick Flashback T to go with the new overalls.  Altogether a very cute and comfy outfit.  An added bonus is that E loves the overalls so much that she’s become very proficient with buttons – she insists on doing all the buttoning herself!


Have you checked out An’s Sew & Show Link party over at Straight Grain?  I’m linking up!

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