New knits!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an order from l’Oiseau Fabric with some lovely new knits that I have been itching to cut into.  A couple fabrics were ordered with outfits for E in mind, and a couple of things were ordered to make something for me!  I haven’t sewn anything for myself for roughly 6 years, so this should be interesting… more on that soon.

However, before I step that far out of my comfort zone, I made something new for E – a top using Compagnie M’s Julia Sweater pattern, and a pair of Go To Leggings.


This was my second time using a Compagnie M pattern, and I have to say that so far I am a big fan.  Marte’s instructions are clear and well-illustrated, and the clothing designs are totally comfortable and every-day wearable, but with very cool design features and options.  I decided to try out the tunnel pocket and asymmetrical collar options of the Julia.  I’ve sewn with knits a number of times now, but have only made simple t-shirts and leggings.  Generally speaking, I try to avoid making too many seams with knits, since it always feels like more seams=more opportunities for things to go wrong.  Sewing the split-front option of the top with the tunnel pocket seemed like a nice level of adventure!  The asymmetrical collar and dolman sleeve were also new for me.  All in all, this was a very satisfying project.  E says it’s very comfy and she loves the pocket.  Both the deer-print and the solid charcoal fabric are Stenzo knits from l’Oiseau Fabrics, although the deer print seems to be sold out at the moment.  Both are buttery soft (especially the deer print, which has a lovely drape to it) and lovely quality.  The tunnel pocket is also lined with a shockingly-pink Stenzo knit, which is just right in small, mostly-hidden quantities:)


I’ve used the Go To Leggings pattern a number of times before, and they always come out great.  The sizing works well on E, and they have a modest rise.  (This was actually an issue with some leggings that I bought that turned out to have such a low rise that they were kind of indecent.  Really, 4 year-olds do not need low rise pants!)  The leggings are completely unexceptional, but I’m sure they will get lots of use.  Their one interesting feature is that I finally remembered to sew a tag in!  I’ve been saving little scraps of knit fabric to use as tags, and consistently forgetting to use them.  Now E (and Papa) will actually be able to put her pants on the right way:)


November weather has truly arrived here, and the house is depressingly dim since the sun, when it does make an appearance, disappears behind a mountain at about 2pm.  I fear it will be months before I’m able to get any decent indoor photos.  I’m hoping to get a new lens for my camera, which may help the situation somewhat, but I’m not expecting miracles.  So, without further ado, here are the best photos of a bad, blurry lot.

julia_4 julia_3 julia_2

So, in summary, great patterns, great fabric, bad light!

I’m going to play along with Straight Grain’s Sew & Show link party again this week.  So many inspiring projects!


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