Christmas knitting


Today I have three knitting projects to share.  First is a pair of Fiddlehead mittens, which I made to give to my mum for Christmas.  This was my second pair of Fiddleheads – I knit the first pair for my mum when I was 8 months pregnant, and guessing that it may be a while before I had a chance to do much knitting (boy was I right about that – I never really mastered the art of knitting while nursing).  I remember being challenged by the colourwork, and that these took a long time to make.  This time around, the knitting felt simple, though somewhat time-consuming.


They are knit with Cascade 220 sport in one of my favourite colours – a heathered honey colour that seems to go with everything.  Carrying the yarn for the colourwork essentially results in a double-layered mitten.  And if that wasn’t lovely enough, one then picks up stitches around the wrist of the mitten to knit a full lining, resulting in a super warm, squooshy mitten.  I don’t have a photo of the lining, since they were on my mum’s hands when the photos were taken, but they are knit with the softest royal alpaca.  Of course, knitting the linings mean that I essentially knit two pairs of mittens, which did start to drag at the end.  I certainly suffer from “second sock syndrome”, and this seems to apply to mittens as well.  By the time I was knitting the linings, I was pretty ready to be done.  However, Christmas is a good motivator, and I sincerely hope that these keep my mum’s cold hands toasty warm.  I also hope that I get around to knitting a pair for myself some day:)


The next project was considerably less ambitious, though much-needed – a new toque for E.  I made this with Purl Soho’s free Garter Ear Flap Hat pattern, using Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo (a super-soft alpaca bamboo blend).  The pattern uses short-rows to create the nicely-contoured ear flap shape, and it knit up very quickly.  It fits well and is very cute – my only complaint is that it tends to rotate, and E ends up with ear flaps where they shouldn’t be (like over her eye).  However, I think that this has everything to do with the wiggliness of my child, and nothing to do with the pattern.  E felt that the hat needed a “finishing touch”, so I sewed on a sweet wooden bunny button and a couple of felt circles.


I liked the hat pattern so much, that the evening after I finished E’s, I cast on one for myself.  Pointy hats with tassels on top should not be reserved solely for children, right?  My colour scheme is somewhat more subdued.  I rummaged through my yarn bin, and came up with a couple of mystery yarns – something very soft in a mustard colour, and something fairly scratchy in a charcoal colour.  I used wide bands to make a colour-blocked hat that positions the scratchy yarn where it won’t be itchy.  I wore my new hat out today while shovelling the 40 cm (!) of snow that fell last night, and am very happy with how it fits.


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