A new TAMA sweater


Hot off the knitting needles is a new sweater for the little girl.   This was the third time I’ve knit Kelly Brooker’s TAMA pattern because it is just such a great kid sweater.  The first I made when E was 2 years old, and it has been worn so much – for sure more than any other piece of clothing I’ve made.  In fact E was still wearing it a couple of months ago, with the sleeves way too short and her tummy showing.  It had practically reached the status of a beloved blanky, and I don’t think I’ll be able to part with it – this one will have to go into the keepsake box, where I make a great effort to keep only the most precious baby clothes – the ones that really got used and loved.  Here’s E at 2 1/2 years old wearing the original:


Last year, I made a short-sleeved version which is still in the regular rotation:


But it was time for a new long-sleeved pullover.  I don’t suppose that this one can be as loved as the first – different yarn, different time, E has different preferences – but it is still a lovely, functional little sweater.  The yarn is utilitarian, since I didn’t have enough yardage of anything fancier on hand – Cascade 220 in the shade Lavender Heather.  E went through my button jar and picked out a little bear button to make it extra-special.


And now I’m off to finish up a top secret project for the Secret Valentine Exchange.  I have to admit that I’m slightly intimidated because my secret Valentine is super talented and makes such beautiful things.  But I am so excited to share something that I’ve made and to see what everyone else creates!

4 thoughts on “A new TAMA sweater

    • I’m pretty sure you could knit anything you put your mind to, given the adventurous nature of some of your projects (I’m looking at you, straw boater hat!). I think this is the first time I’ve given one of my handmade items to anyone besides a family member, and they *have* to like them!

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