The great pants shortage of 2015


The little girl’s wardrobe is currently sadly lacking in the pants department – her cords and jeans are all too short, and within a week she popped holes in the knees of three out of her five pairs of leggings (she has taken to pretending she’s a bunny and hopping around on all fours, which probably has something to do with it).  I saw it coming, but didn’t react quickly, so now we’re facing a serious shortage.  So, one of my goals for Kids’ Clothes Week is to sew up some new pants.


First up is a pair of Hosh Pants in a stretch railroad stripe denim.  I sewed them up, looked at them, and was not happy with the result.  Too stripy and yet too plain at the same time.  So, I ripped the legs open and added some contrast knee patches, which definitely improved things by breaking up the stripes a bit.  I also stitched horizontal lines on the knee patches, which I think was a subconscious attempt to balance out all the vertical stripes.  The back still looked boring, and so the pockets were born – miraculously I was able to stitch them on without having to rip apart any more seams, but it was a tricky manoeuvre!



I’m happy with the end result, although when E put them on I regretted not adding an extra inch to the length, since they don’t really have any grow room in them.

On an unrelated topic, I have to share this little anecdote because it was just so awesome.  I was in the kitchen and could hear my husband and E playing with construction paper in the living room.  Apparently, he picked up a pair of scissors to cut some paper, and the next thing I heard was E’s shrill little voice saying “Stop Papa!  Those are Mama’s fabric scissors!”  That’s my girl!


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