Upcycled mittens


I  thought I’d ease myself into this season’s awesome Kids’ Clothes Week theme, upcycling, with a small project.  We’re half way through winter where I live, and there have been some casualties in the mitten loss department, so I decided to try the mitten pattern from Oliver and S Little Things to Sew.  It was time to retire my beloved orange J Crew hoody sweater (it was old, ragged, and probably made me look like a traffic cone), so I threw it in the washing machine and it felted beautifully.  I was quite pleased, since usually when I want something to felt, it is highly resistant.  Sadly, the same is not true of wool items that have been thrown in the washing machine by accident, which seem to felt amazingly well.


The mittens were a fun and easy sew.  Instead of using bias tape for the elastic casing, I just used some ribbon, which was much simpler because I didn’t have to cut and iron any strips, and the little foxes are perfect with the orange wooly mitts.  Voila, mittens!


2 thoughts on “Upcycled mittens

  1. Thank you! I’ve had the cozy winter hood on my to-sew list for a while now. Perhaps it’s time for one of my husband’s sweaters to have an “accident” 😉

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