Rainbow Sparkle


E’s favourite colour has always been red, although she has recently added “rainbow sparkle” as her runner-up.  Generally speaking, red doesn’t rank high on the list of colours that I gravitate towards.  Perhaps some sparingly-used accents of poppy red here and there, but certainly not entire garments.  But E is really into red, and it suits her personality.  She is fiery, vibrant, sparky – there is nothing subdued about this girl – she is proud of being loud.  I am more of a natural-coloured linen introvert myself, but here I find myself with this awesome little firecracker in my life.


Naturally, she wants to wear clothes that reflect what she likes.  My inclination is generally to try to tone things down a bit, although I risk having garments rejected for being “too grey”.  But this time I went for a bright red and rainbow shirt, in all its retina-burning glory, and the kidlet loves it.  The pattern is the Bimaa hoodie, sewn in Stenzo jersey from l’Oiseau Fabrics.  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and she wants something to wear to her class party, I stitched a heart on the front of the shirt – I used two different colours of red thread, although that detail is somewhat lost due to the overall brightness of the shirt:)


The hood is lined with rainbow jersey, as is the centre panel on the outer hood, which somehow gives a vaguely rainbow-unicornish vibe to the hood when it’s pulled up.


I also managed to complete one more pair of sturdy play pants for E – a pair of Parsley Pants made out of some ancient corduroy from my stash.  I meant to make a size 5, but accidentally cut out the 4, so I sewed them up with a 3/8″ seam allowance and they fit just fine.  And so Winter 2015 KCW comes to an end.  I’m off to tidy up my sewing table in preparation for sewing something out of some very restful grey linen:)


8 thoughts on “Rainbow Sparkle

    • Thank you! And I think you’re exactly right on the issue of store-bought clothes covered in characters and words – I’d much rather sew my daughter fun, colourful clothes that suit her personality, and avoid the licensed character stuff for as long as possible (I imagine this may become more difficult when she goes to school…)

    • Thank you! I love the fact that it makes her so happy. Her latest request is a smocked dress with penguins and flowers on the top, and a rainbow skirt. I probably won’t make that one 😉

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