An itty-bitty Geranium


Today I have an itty-bitty Geranium dress to share.  Far-away friends have just had a baby girl, so I used the last of my Birch  sea urchin fabric to make this sweet little dress.  It is lined with super-soft shot cotton, and finished with three tiny mother-of-pearl buttons.  I sewed up the 3-6 month size in the hopes that it will fit her come summer time.

Before E was born I did some very practical sewing – receiving blankets, towels, flannel washcloths – but didn’t make any adorable tiny clothes.  After she was born I didn’t look at my sewing machine again for 2 years.  She has never been a good sleeper, so I never had the time or energy to make anything.  Sewing this tiny dress kind of makes me wish I could go back and re-do things, preferably in a well-rested state.  Or, I can just enjoy sewing for other people’s babies:)


I hadn’t done any sewing in the last three weeks and have a bit of a backlog of sewing projects at the moment as I’m still waiting for my new serger to arrive.  It has been delayed, and it now looks like I’ll have to wait until the end of March to get an amazing deal on the machine that I want.  My sewing “room” (half my bedroom) is currently undergoing a major reorganization, including a new desk and (cue choirs of angels) a cutting table!  I should have everything set up and usable in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime it’s difficult to motivate myself to cut fabric on the floor, which is currently the only space large enough to lay out fabric.

This would be a perfect time to cast on a new knitting project, although that is being somewhat hampered by the fact that I can’t seem to find a full set of double pointed needles in the size that I need.  I can only imagine that there is a huge collection of needles hiding somewhere in the unreachable recesses of my couch.  Perhaps what I really need to do is sew an organizer for all my dpns.  Oh, how one thing does lead to another…




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