Sneaking in some knitting

My husband was away for a week, and while E wasn’t particularly thrown off during the daytime, her sleep fell apart altogether.  Three nights she woke up around 1am, and was awake until 5, and no amount of reading, cuddling, and singing could get her back to sleep.  Still she would ping out of bed at 6:30am, and I had to be on duty.  Seriously, it was worse than when she was 6 months old (and that was bad!).  I was so desperate for the last two nights that in one of my less-than-admirable parenting moments, I offered to give her $1 in the morning if she would let me sleep through the night.  Financial motivation worked wonders, and she left me to sleep for two nights in a row.  I just hope I haven’t set a very dangerous precedent.


Although most of my projects ground to a halt this week, I did manage to fit in some moments of knitting here and there, and somehow they added up to a completed pair of wristwarmers.  The pattern is A Time to Reap, a lovely simple design with a bit of arrowhead lace.  They are knit using the Quince and Co. Finch yarn that came in my beautiful Valentine’s package from Brienne.  I could go on at length about the wonderful qualities of this yarn, but what it boils down to is that the yarn feels just right in my hands and on my needles, results in a nice even fabric, and the colourway (Iceland) is a perfect, subtly-variegated silvery grey.


We’ve had a number of springy-feeling days here, but the appearance of the violets makes it feel like spring is really and truly here.  I picked as many as I could this afternoon and braided a flower crown for E.  My favourite season is just beginning.


One thought on “Sneaking in some knitting

  1. I’m always so impressed by knitting, and that flower braid is gorgeous. My daughter would be over the moon for something like that. What clever fingers you must have!
    And whatever clever trick it takes to get a good night’s sleep would be fine with me!

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