A skirt for myself? Yes!

After much indecision and procrastination, I have finally taken the plunge to try sewing something for myself.  It had been about 7 years since my last attempt.  While I do still have a handful homemade oldies in my clothing rotation, I must say that there were a fair number of spectacular failures in my sewing past.  I still think back on some of the fabric that I wasted and shudder (a lovely wool boucle that I tried to make into a Burda jacket, tortured repeatedly trying to get the shoulders to fit, and ended up throwing out in frustration, comes to mind).

But, bolstered by kid-sewing successes and the discovery of indie pattern designers and online tutorials, I decided to take the plunge and make something for myself.  And here is the result of my first effort – a Lotta Skirt by Compagnie M.  The fabric is Anna Maria Horner linen from the Field Study line, with a green linen used for the pockets and waistband facing.  I bought this fabric a couple of years ago to make something for myself, and it feels good to have finally accomplished that!


The Lotta skirt pattern is great – I love the wide waistband and the pocket detail.  I made only a couple of very minor changes to the pattern: I cut out the size 36, but had to adjust the waistband to get a good fit – I seem to need a 36 around the bottom of the waistband, and a 34 at the top of the waistband to account for my particular bum/swayback situation.  I just angled in the ends of the waistband pieces to get a better fit and it seemed to work well – the band sits flat.  I also added a bit of extra length since I prefer my skirts to hit just below the knee.


When I first tried on the finished skirt, it felt rather poofy because of the gathers.  I’ve only worn a-line skirts for the last few years, so this one felt rather voluminous.  However, I’m surprised to see that in the photos it looks quite trim – I guess that’s the magic of the strategically-placed gathers!  I know this skirt will get lots of wear this summer, injecting some colour into my otherwise somewhat drab wardrobe.


For all the fuss that E kicks up about having pictures taken of her, she couldn’t resist joining in on the photo shoot – wearing a much-too-small, backwards dress!



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