KCW Day 1 – Daisy tunic

Yay, it’s the first day of the spring edition Kids’ Clothes Week!  I’m excited to sew along this season, and be inspired by all the creations in the KCW project pool.  We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here lately, so I brought out the box of summer clothing the other day, only to discover that very little is still wearable this year .  It’s time to start sewing of course!

My first project was inspired by a treasure discovered in the closet at my mum’s house – a little embroidered chambray dress that she made for me in 1980, which just happens to fit E perfectly.  Here’s the original:


I’ve never been a huge fan of flutter sleeves, but I have to say that they look really cute on E.  I also love the embroidery and the little pleats on the dress, so I decided to make something loosely inspired by these elements, but that reflects my style.


And now for my version.  I admit that this little top was totally mama’s choice – E had no input on this one:)  The top that I made is grey Essex linen, using Made by Rae’s Geranium Dress pattern, with the pleated skirt, tunic length, and flutter sleeve options.  It is lined with shot cotton, and finished with mother-of-pearl buttons.


I wanted the embroidery to be subtle, so just added a line of daisies along the bottom edge of the bodice.  I have no experience with embroidery, so this was a good introduction.  Please excuse the white chalk lines – I didn’t have a chance to wash the top because it was hot off the sewing machine when I took the photos!


Part of the reason that I’d always shied away from the flutter sleeve on the Geranium dress is that I didn’t love the look of the zig-zagged raw edge on lighter cotton fabric.  But on a slightly heavier linen, I think that the raw edge totally works.  I like how it balances out the prim-properness of the daisy embroidery and pleats a bit:)




I’m really pleased with the top and hope that it will get worn despite the fact that it’s rather on the boring side for E’s taste.  At the very least, she does like the daisies.

Hopefully the kidlet will fall asleep at a decent hour tonight, because next up on my list of sewing projects is a pair of linen capri pants to go with the top – no embroidery involved this time!

19 thoughts on “KCW Day 1 – Daisy tunic

  1. I love this top! You can never go wrong with grey linen:) And the embroidery adds just the right amount of sweetness. Well done!

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  3. Well sometimes the kids just need to realise that mum has seriously good taste! This is absolutely divine. The raw sleeve edge works really well in linen and gives it quite a Japanese sewing vibe. I adore it. {standing ovation from my computer terminal}

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