KCW Day 2 – Green capri pants

This is how E feels about her new pants – not a raging success, but she did agree to put them on:


Oh, these little pants were so much more trouble than they should have been.  It was just one of those projects where nothing worked out quite right.  This probably had to do with the fact that I was sewing at night and was tired, but I really wanted to get them done.  It’s always a bad idea, but my precious daytime sewing hours are few and far between.

On to the pants…  I wanted to make a pair of capris with cuffs around the bottom – sounds simple enough, right?  They started out as the Wide Leg Pants (view O) from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids.  I couldn’t decide whether to make the size 4 or the 6, so I traced something in-between.  In retrospect, I probably should have just gone for the 6, since they have an elastic waist and cuff cinches them in anyhow. They looked like they’d be really high through the rise, so I cut the top down a little lower, although in retrospect I think I went a bit too far.  And, I obviously shortened them to capri length.  I’m just learning how to use my new serger and made a couple of newbie errors, like keep your eye on the cutting blade, not the needles.  Fortunately nothing irreversibly dire happened in that department, although the pants are not quite as wide-legged as they could have been.  Ahem.


I suspect the fabric, which has been languishing in my stash for a number of years, is a linen-rayon mix, because it’s quite drapey and shifty.  The shiftiness was not appreciated late at night while trying to adjust the gathers on the pant legs and pin the cuffs on.  And they fray-i-ness was not appreciated after discovering I had sewed the cuff on the wrong way and had to reach for the seam ripper.


Still, they are perfectly wearable, and I do really like the cuffed-capri look, so I think I’ll try again.  Something a bit more voluminous would be cute.  The pockets look totally crooked in this picture – I’m going to have to run off to see if I really did sew them on that way, or if they were just on crooked:


2 thoughts on “KCW Day 2 – Green capri pants

  1. Oh troublesome green pants! They look super cute though. There is a pattern just like this in another Japanese pattern book and now you’ve made me want to sew them straight away!!
    I hear you on the late night thing. I’ve set a few limits from experience, such as no bias binding after midnight!

    • Thanks – I do like the style too and hope to make another trouble-free pair with evenly placed pockets. Boy do I hear you on bias binding after midnight – I should probably add invisible zippers and buttonholes to the list of late night no-no’s too;-)

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