KCW Days 3/4 – Moon Bunny Dress


Although the theme for this season’s KCW is Wild Things, the projects around here have been decidedly tame so far this week.  This dress may be about as wild as it gets – another Geranium Dress, but this time sewed with Cotton and Steel Moon Bunnies fabric.  This is one fabric that E and I absolutely agree on – we both love the little bunnies peeking out from behind the moons.


However, I felt a little bit unoriginal sewing the same pattern twice in three days, so in order to avoid feeling like such a one-trick pony, I added the cutout at the neck for the first time, and some flat piping around the bodice.  I like the look of the notched neck with this Japanese-inspired fabric.  The lining and flat piping are made with Cloud 9 Cirrus Solids in Iris, which is so soft and feels nothing like quilting cotton.  I bought the fabric from a great online store, Fabric Spot (which also happens to be Canadian!), and would love to order more – the colour range of Cirrus Solids is just soooo appealing.  Sadly, our poor Canadian dollar has been suffering badly and I’ve had to curtail my fabric buying for the time being.


The sewing was smooth sailing for this dress (I definitely don’t need to read the instructions any more!), except that I tried to take a shortcut and didn’t baste the piping to the bodice before sewing the skirt on – I just tried to pin everything together and be careful.  Mistake.  Next time just baste the piping in place.

This picture cracks me up.  I’m not quite sure why E is looking at her lollipop so sternly, but she looks like she’s ready to give it a good talking to:)



13 thoughts on “KCW Days 3/4 – Moon Bunny Dress

  1. Geranium dresses are so versatile they all look different, no need to feel bad about making two. (or maybe I’m just justifying my own redundant KCW sewing 🙂 I’ve had my eye on this fabric, and the piping is a nice touch. So pretty!

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