KCW Days 5/6/7 – Lotsa Critters Lotta Skirt

It’s busy weekend time around here – in fact, I officially became a soccer mom yesterday!  E had her first practice and game with her team, and it went pretty well after some huffing and puffing about the fact that she was put on a team with grey jerseys.  I had in fact enquired whether it would be possible for her to be put on a team with red or orange jerseys, since I had a feeling this could make or break our soccer season, but alas they weren’t able to make allowances for jersey colour.  I’ve promised to look for some red laces for her cleats, in the hopes that they will redeem the sport for her.


But, back to sewing.  Here is the result of my sewing efforts over the last couple of days – a skirt made with Compagnie M’s Lotta Skirt pattern.  The fabric is another lovely from Cotton and Steel, this time Harajuku Rose from the Tokyo Train Ride collection – the collection of little critters in this print is subtle but adorable.  The pocket linings and facings are Cloud 9 Cirrus Solid, in the Grass colour.  Both fabrics were a pleasure to work with.


Overall, I think this is a great skirt pattern.  The wide waistband and gathers are lovely details, but what makes this pattern really special is the unique fold-over pockets.  The pattern instructions are clear, and everything came together beautifully until it was time to add the waistband facing.  I interfaced the lining pieces, but then they didn’t have nearly as much give as the main fabric and nothing lined up quite right anymore.  I ended up hand-sewing the bottom edge of the facing pieces because my machine stitching was just too ugly.  Even with my walking foot everything was coming out looking slightly twisted, and my line of topstitching around the bottom of the waistband looked tragic from the inside.  I am much, much happier with the hand-stitching.


I decided to go for the buttonhole elastic option, although I generally don’t find adjustable waists to be terrible useful – E just doesn’t seem to grow much around the middle.  Still, it is good that I put in elastic, because the skirt really needs to be cinched in at the back to fit her.  I think that next time I make this pattern I may try to figure out a way to dispense with the zipper, leave a flat front, and fully elasticize the back.


Overall, I’m really happy with this little skirt.  However, the fabric is a bit of an odd colour, and E doesn’t really have any tops to wear with it.  I had a look at the store to see if I could find a plain white t-shirt, but it seems that such an exotic thing doesn’t exist here.  So, I ended up having to sew a white Flashback t-shirt to go with the skirt!

That’s it for me for the spring 2015 edition of Kids’ Clothes Week!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed checking out all the wonderful clothing in the project pool.  What an inspiring, talented group of women – and a lot of adorable kids sporting their new made-with-love clothes!

4 thoughts on “KCW Days 5/6/7 – Lotsa Critters Lotta Skirt

  1. It’s beautiful! I love that fabric, and isn’t it great that you CAN sew up a nice, plain white t-shirt!
    I agree that the zipper is redundant when the elastic is there. My daughter never unzips hers. It looks like you could actually go with two channels of elastic for this wider waistband. The original pattern test for this skirt had us put a thin single elastic in the women’s waistband. that was quickly deemed a disaster and the instructions were changed to have it fit correctly with the zip and no elastic for the women’s version. I’d do the opposite for the kids!

    • Thanks. Interesting to hear about the pattern test for the women’s version. I had something similar in mind for the kids’ version – multiple channels at the back for thin elastic (I was thinking 3), because I’d really still like to keep the wide waistband. I’m hoping to give it a try soon.

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