An unexpected detour into summer

I have a sketchbook that is overflowing with sewing ideas at the moment, but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling unmotivated.  It is almost as though I don’t even know where to start.  This is coupled with the fact that all of a sudden we are having July in May, and have been spending most of our time outside.  Still, I’ve been itching to make something…

So, when a little box of beautiful yarn showed up on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, containing enough Rowan Fine Tweed to knit E a very special sweater, I enthusiastically jumped into a sweater-knitting project.  It seems a bit silly considering the summery weather we’ve been having – there is little need for a wool pullover at the splash park these days, but there will be cool summer evenings, and I’ll try to account for a summer growth spurt in the sizing so that it can still be worn come fall.


This is my first colourwork project that I’ve bothered to learn proper technique for: two-handed stranded knitting, which is exercising a part of my brain that has been dormant for a long time.  It basically involves holding one colour of yarn in each hand, and knitting using Continental style with the left hand and English style with the right hand.  Oh my goodness, it was slow and awkward to start with – it made me appreciate how challenging it is for little kids to learn how to hold a pen or cutlery.  I think I spent a lot of time with my tongue poking out and a pained expression on my face.  But things have improved greatly and the rest should be smooth sailing.  The pattern is Sweet William by Ann Kingstone, with William Morris-inspired rabbits on the yoke.

The best part of knitting is that it can be done with a view like this:


We escaped for a weekend of camping with friends at a quiet beach up the lake.  We’ve camped in late May before, but normally there are rain jackets and woolies involved.  This year, it felt like full, glorious summer – the kids were in and out of the water and ran around like little wild things all weekend.  The boys terrorized the girls with water squirters, ambushing them from the rocks.



Of course, marshmallows were on the dessert menu – E’s favourite part of camping.  She pretty much starts asking for them right after breakfast and dances an exuberant hopping jig once it is finally time for the campfire.


Here’s to many more summer evenings spent knitting by the campfire!

4 thoughts on “An unexpected detour into summer

    • Thank you – the sweater is slow going, but I’m happy that it’s working. I agree about marshmallows – scalding hot and on a stick is really the only way they should be eaten (and in extreme moderation if you are over the age of 12!).

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