A new sundress


After a bit of a sewing hiatus, I was inspired to sew up this little sundress on Friday night.  It is very simple, but everything about it feels right, and I know that it will be worn and loved.  E is a big fan of the skirt colour, the big pockets, and the fact that she can put it on herself with no buttons or zippers to fasten.


She loves wearing skirts and t-shirts, but moves and wiggles so much that skirts tend to rotate in short order.  Within a few minutes, one pocket is generally in the middle of the front, and the other is over her bum.  I try to refrain from constantly adjusting and re-adjusting her skirt, but it does kind of drive me crazy when the pockets are always so far out of alignment.  So, when I was browsing the Hanna Andersson website the other day and saw the Feeling Sunny dress, I decided to make my own.  It is so basic that I’m not sure I can really call it a knock-off – it is basically a tank top with a gathered skirt attached.  But it works really well.

Here’s the inspiration dress and my version:


I traced one of E’s tank tops to get the measurement for the top and used her Hanami dress as a guideline for how long to make the bodice.  The skirt is just a simple gathered rectangle with two patch pockets sewn on.  Easy peasy.


I love how when you are 5 years old, rainboots are always an appropriate choice of footwear:)


The skirt fabric is Cotton and Steel Hot Cross Buns (if you haven’t noticed, I really liked the Mochi collection!).  The black and white stripe is an upcycled t-shirt that I scored from my mum last week.  Oh, how I wish I had a bottomless pile of striped shirts to hack up!

I have a couple more of these dresses in the works already, since I suspect they will be in heavy rotation this summer.

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