End of an era…

The words sound rather grand, but it is certainly feeling that way right now.  On Tuesday, my little girl went to her last day of preschool.  Ever.   We said goodbye to her classroom and Nala the bunny (the class pet), and took down her “all about me” poster from the wall.  She carried home one last preschool painting in her little penguin backpack.


She also went to her last day of Franc-Départ, the wonderful french-language playgroup that she has attended weekly for the last four years.  The kids made photo collages of all the fun activities they did this year and made homemade ice-cream for their snack.  It was all too much for E – she arrived home in tears, upset because it feels like everything is ending and changing.

Today, we went to a picnic and preschool graduation at the park.  The kids did a scavenger hunt, some crafts, and ate hot dogs and cake.  I did my best to avoid turning into a blubbering mess when her teachers presented her graduation certificate.  Each student also received an award to recognize a special talent – E got the “vocabulary award” for her use of words that many adults don’t know.


We also said goodbye to her wonderful teachers.  I am so grateful for the  joyful and creative environment they provided at school, and for the fact that they genuinely care about my child.  After a rough start to preschool last year, E thrived in this class, which had 2 teachers (plus 1 ECE practicum student) for 7 kids!  I feel like we were really lucky.


I wanted to make gifts for her teachers, and hoped that E could be involved in the process, so she selected some fabric from my stash, and we worked together to make cloth shopping bags (she sits on my knee and pushes down the lever to make the reverse stitches at the beginning and end of each seam.  She is also in charge of removing pins and putting them back in the pincushion).  I used the Quick and Cool Grocery Tote pattern from Sewing to Sell, which came together very nicely – I really liked how it uses half yard cuts so efficiently, and the finished product is attractive and sturdy.


And so, the flurry of year-end activities is coming to an end.  One more soccer game and a dance recital, and then… summer holiday, which somehow feels extra precious given that E will be headed off to kindergarten in September.

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