KCW Day 1 – Lion shorts


It’s day 1 of Kids’ Clothes Week!  Just the motivation I need to sit in my sweltering sewing room and create some new summer duds for the little girl.  I discovered that she only has one pair of shorts that still fit this year, so first up is a new pair of shorts using Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts pattern.


The printed fabric is from Cotton and Steel’s August collection.  The chambray was a rare lucky score from Fabricland.  I think it is a linen cotton blend, and the quality is surprisingly nice – it is such a versatile fabric that I went back and bought 5 metres when it was on sale for 70% off.  Apparently Fabricland buys fabric by weight, and the stores never know what they will end up with, which explains the pile of dross they usually have at our local store.  The bias strip on the shorts is from Michael Miller Cotton Couture – I’m not sure what the name of this colour is, but it I love it!


This was my first time sewing up this pattern, and it went well – the most time-consuming part was making the bias tape.  I sewed the shorts as written, with the addition of a bit of extra topstitching.  If I sew them again I will probably change the waistband a bit – I find the doubled up fabric to make the waistband feel a bit too thick.   The fit is pretty good, although the 4-5 was a bit smaller than I was expecting – there’s no grow room in these.  I think something between the 4-5 and the 6-7 would be perfect for E.



Onwards to day 2 of KCW!

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