KCW Day 2 – Tiered blouse 2015 edition

Also known as the “Nippins’ Day” shirt because my child feels that it’s unfair that there is a father’s day and a mother’s day, but no day for her.  So, she gave us a few days’ warning that Tuesday would be “Nippins’ Day” (Nippins being one of her nicknames).  She requested breakfast in bed (toast and yoghurt) and a card, which I obliged, all the while trying to fight the nagging feeling that I was setting a dangerous precedent.


So, on to the details of the Nippins’ Day shirt.  It is the Tiered Blouse pattern (view H) from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids.  I sewed the size 4 (which is plenty generous width-wise) but added about 1.5cm of length to the top tier, and 3cm to the bottom tier.  The other change I made was to finish the keyhole cutout at the back with a little piece of bias tape so that I could avoid having to fold the edge over and topstitch it in place.  I remembered being a bit dissatisfied with how that part came out last time I made it.


The fabric really is too thick for this top, but I wanted to use these colours, and had made a rule for myself this KCW – no new fabric!  I think it still works, even though it doesn’t have the same light, airy look of the original.  The fabric is Cloud 9 Cirrus solids, purchased from My Fabric Spot, in the shades grass, fuchsia, and iris.  The top is really sweet, although I am contemplating adding an extra tier and turning it into a dress…

Interestingly, I made a tiered blouse using this pattern during last summers’ KCW, and it has been by far the single-most viewed post on my blog thanks to Pinterest France.  There is something very appealing about children dressed in impractical white clothing!

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