KCW Days Days 4/5/6 – Linen Pinafore


So, I’m going to say up front that this garment was entirely my choice – E had no input, and the chances that she will ever want to wear this are slim.  If she does, it will be a pleasant surprise.  It is the combination of a few persistent ideas that have been rolling around in my brain for a while now, and this seemed a good time to experiment a bit: a simple a-line linen pinafore, block printing on fabric, and embroidered details.

I drafted a simple a-line shaped tunic and sewed it up in Essex linen, finishing the neck and the shoulders with bias tape.  It has a button and elastic closure on the back.



I carved a simple stamp using Speedball Speedy-Cut, and printed on the fabric using Jacquard Textile Color fabric paint.  I only had red (which had gone kind of gelatinous and weird) and white paint, so shades of pink were my only options.  This wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I’m attempting to use supplies that I already have (so that I can feel justified in buying more;-)  The block prints on linen came out really nicely – I’m definitely hoping to do some more of this.


I added some basic running stitches with embroidery floss around some of the circular prints.


I do really like the result, and am thinking about attempting a version for myself, since I would be quite happy to wear a linen pinafore.


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