Summer 2015


It is the last evening of August, and so in an attempt to keep an entire summer from passing by without writing anything, I’ll put together some words and photos to create some sort of record.  A warning: there is absolutely no sewing or knitting involved!

It has been an arduous season – heat, drought, fire, and smoke.  We had record-breaking heat here (37-40 C for weeks on end) that drained my will to do much of anything.  There has been a lot of hanging around the house with curtains drawn and fans running!  E and I have torn through entire series of books while trying to stay cool in the afternoon – most recently the Tumtum and Nutmeg books (which I highly recommend) and all of the Ivy and Bean books (which I don’t love, but E does).

At the beginning of July, a massive storm blew through our valley, knocking over huge old trees, and changing the landscape of our parks.  The storm also came with a lot of thunder, lightning, and resultant forest fires.

Photo credit: Adrian Wagner

Photo credit: Adrian Wagner

After enjoying an evening at the park, letting E stay up late and run around the playground with all the other little wild things, we stood in the parking lot and saw a fire up the lake: a 1,200 hectare monster burning too close for comfort.  That night, the downdraft pushed the fire down the mountain, putting around 350 houses on evacuation.  Can I just say how awesome the firefighting crews are?  Despite the fact that the situation looked pretty desperate, they managed to turn things around and not one home was lost.  The day after the fire started, we sat on the beach and watched 5 water bombers perform their precision ballet of skimming the lake and then flying over the fire to dump water on the flames.  It was seriously impressive.


Besides fire, there has been a lot of smoke and ash.  This photo was taken on an afternoon when it wasn’t so bad – the sun was actually penetrating the smoke somewhat.  We’ve had many days when the sun hasn’t emerged through the smoke at all – in fact the smoke has been so thick that the mountains around town have been completely obscured.  On the worst days, we’ve just had to stay inside to try to avoid sore throats, coughs, and itchy eyes.  This post-apocalyptic version of summer cabin fever with a 5 year-old has not been remotely conducive to getting any sewing or knitting done.

But, there have been some moments of reprieve and great memories this summer too.  Like a bit of trail riding with my girl:


A clear day on the lake:


Building fairy houses in the forest with new camping friends:


Hours spent swinging on the sketchy beach trapeze – that’s about 8 pieces of questionable rope tied together.  Perfect summer fun:


Playing card games at the beach – learning to shake hands and say “good game” even when she loses:


Sunset on the lake:


Riding in the bike parade:


Too smoky to take photos of lake and mountains?  I’ve been pulling out the macro lens and collecting close-up textures:


And finally, yesterday, it started to rain!  We celebrated with some puddle jumping:




The smoke has cleared and I feel like I can breathe again… and sew again!  Speaking of which, I had better get to it.  I have a little girl heading off to kindergarten next week, and a big backlog of projects to work on. Bring on the autumn!



4 thoughts on “Summer 2015

  1. Wow! That was quite a lot to endure this summer! So glad the rain has come – and that your daughter can enjoy the puddle jumping (love those photos!). I always enjoy seeing your sewing creations so am eager to read about your next creation!

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