Bonjour sewing machine – long time no see!  I finally dusted off my machine and sat down to sew a t-shirt – a nice, simple, get-back-in-the-swing-of-things Flashback tee.  It was intended to be for E’s first day of school, but as it turned out, it was more of a second-week-of school shirt.  I hacked up an old striped shirt of mine and added a freezer paper “bonjour” stencil on the front.  E is attending a french school, so it seemed appropriate.  I made a size 5 with a band added to bottom of the body, which gives it a bit more of a sweatshirt vibe.  I had hoped to get a picture of it on the child, but the stars have not yet aligned.

So, on the subject of back-to-school, E is now officially a kindergartener – hooray, eek, waaaaa!  It is such a huge change, and I suspect I am not dealing with the transition as well as she is.  Honestly, I feel like I’m missing a limb.  Full-day kindergarten (which is the only option where we live) is a huge change for her, and she has been finding the days long.  We’re trying to work with the school to come up with a modified schedule where she attends school 4 days a week (2 full and 2 half days), and we homeschool 1 day.  I feel like that would be a much better fit for her at this point.


Still, I am so proud of all the new things she has tried in the last couple of weeks.  She especially likes taking the school bus and carrying her lunch box.  She has made a new “best school friend” who she plays with at recess and whispers to at rest time.  I know she’s not thrilled about speaking french, but she is being a pretty good sport about it.  It’s a francophone school, so everything is in french, which is a big change.  She’s been regularly exposed to french since she was a baby, but our primary language at home is english, so I’m sure it’s a challenge for her.  I have to exercise my french skills more as well, given the amount of paperwork that comes home with her every day!

In other news, we now have a pet!  He may look like a stuffed animal, but this is a real live rabbit getting into mischief:


He was feeling rather proud of himself, having just figured out how to move a shoe box so that he could jump up on top of his cage, and then onto E’s play kitchen.  He particularly likes hanging out in the sink:


He’s a sweet, docile little guy who is fairly amenable to being wrapped in blankets and pushed around in a doll stroller.


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